Friday, June 10, 2016

SCREAMING FIRE BUCKLES! Or, Firestarter Whistle Buckles. Your choice.

Buckles. We use some form of them probably every day. They secure our laptop bags, our bicycle helmets, key lanyards, and of course our paracord bracelets. ...what... This is a paracord blog, is it not?
The Firestarting Whistle Buckle

Buckles, shackles, carabiners. They are to paracord crafts as peanut butter is to jelly. Or chocolate, for some. Anyways, that's all fine and dandy, but they’re just fasteners. It has one purpose: to fasten and unfasten. Today, however, I'd like to introduce to you a buckle that is a triple threat. It involves loud noises and fire. No, there’s no hidden pistol…

Ever heard of the firestarting whistle buckle? Oh man. Your paracord bracelets just got a much needed upgrade! First of all, there’s a built-in whistle off to the side of the buckle. When blown, a high pitch whistle rings out, perfect for signaling purposes.

Combined with some Fish & Fire Paracord,
the Firestarting Whistle Buckle makes an awesome bracelet.
But, wait! There’s more! Other than the whistle off to the side, this thing still just looks like a regular buckle when clasped together. But when unfastened, there’s a friggen ferro rod hidden in the middle! That fancy silver decoration on the outside of the buckle now reveals its true purpose: a fire steel striker. Combine this thing with some Fish & Fire Paracord, and you've got yourself a handy-dandy survival kit all fashionably braided into a piece of jewelry.

So, the next time you find yourself in a survival situation, make sure you’re set up with the fire starting whistle buckle. Gather some tinder, light that fire and start tootin’ that whistle so your butt can be saved and transported back to civilization. At least, that’s what we all hope for. Right?

Ever find yourself in a situation that you would have loved to have a fire starting whistle buckle? Comment below!