Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cord Locks for Paracord

Our third installment on Paracord Hardware is here! This time it's all about the Cord Lock.

This particular piece of paracord paraphenalia is lesser known and used in the paracording world, but is no less useful.

Ball Cord Locks come in various sizes.
These Cord Locks can come in all sorts of styles, sizes and colors...they can even come in custom shapes like grenades or teddy bears!

The styles most commonly seen are barrel cord locks (long and thin), ball cord locks (self-explanatory), button cord locks (short and stout) and zipper pull cord ends (all kinds!). Each of these cord locks can have either one or two holes for the insertion of cord. These cord locks have a specific look, feel and use, so you get to decide what you are going for depending on the project or craft that you are constructing.

The size of a cord lock is
generally measure by the
hole size where you would
be inserting the cord, such as
with this Barrel Cord Lock.
Size-wise, it's no surprise that cord locks can range from small to large. The size of the entire cord lock is relative to the type of cord lock that you are using, some being thinner or fatter, long or short. That being said, the size of the hole for the cord varies only slightly, allowing you to fit one to three strands of cord depending on if the cord is ungutted or not. For example, take a look at this picture with the 6mm and 8mm Ball Cord Lock. While the hole size increases only slightly from 6mm to 8mm, the entirety of the Ball Cord Lock is significantly bulkier.

Color... not much to say here, besides the fact that they come in every color you can imagine. Makes things a lot easier to coordinate! As you would expect, black, white and clear the most common of the bunch.

Zipper Pulls can also be considered cord locks,
and are very functional.

From what I've seen, cord locks are used for very specific crafts. These include knife/flashlight/whatever lanyards, necklaces and neck lanyards, zipper pulls, game calls, pouch cinches, keeping items threaded onto paracord, and a few other possibilities.

What do you use Cord Locks for? Anything not listed here? What are your favorite types of Cord Locks? Let me know in the comments below!


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