Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Type I Paracord - What is it?

Type I Paracord: You'd be amazed how useful it can be.
You've probably heard plenty about Type III Paracord, what it is, what specifications it meets, what its history is, and the many ways that people use it for (infinite). But, how much do you know about its smaller counterpart, Type I Paracord? Nothing? Great, welcome to Paracord-Blog! :P

Type I Paracord, also known as Accessory Cord or Dummy Cord, is kind of like a miniature version of the ever popular Type III 550 Paracord. In actuality, it’s the smallest “type” of Parachute Cord in production, and is available in Commercial or Military Grade specifications.

Notice the size difference between Type I and Type III Paracord.
The basic makeup of Type I Paracord is an outer sheath and one inner strand. The sheath and inner strand is made of 100% Nylon, making it mold, mildew and rot resistant. The outer sheath structure is braided with 16 threads and the inner core can be 2-ply (commercial) or 3-ply (military). With only one inner strand, Type I Paracord typically measures in around   1/16” in diameter… much smaller than its big brother, Type III, at 5/32” in diameter. This also results in its much lighter, yet still heavy-duty, breaking strength of 100 lbs.

The tensile strength breakdown is as follows:

Outside Sheath - 65 lbs
Inner Strand - 35 lbs 
Total Strength - 100 lbs

Lots of colors to choose from in the Commercial line!
Normally found in military clothing, vests and other gear, the civilian usage of Type I Paracord is growing in popularity. Ranging from household uses to camping/survival situations, there is no shortage of appropriate applications. Type I Paracord comes in only a handful of colors for the Military Spec version, but the Commercial version can come in just as many colors as Type III (hundreds)!

This cord is FANTASTIC at securing small items that you don't want to lose or drop: small radios/walkies, compasses, GPS units, cameras, cell phones, flashlights, USB flash drives, etc. The Parachute Cord crafting world has taken a particular liking to Type I Paracord, creating miniature bracelets, dog collars, key fobs, decorative knots, and even incorporating it into their Type III Paracord creations! The Paracord talent is forever evolving!

So, there's a small glimpse into the big world of small paracord, of the Type I variety. Have you ever used Type I Paracord? If so, for what purpose? If not, what would you use it for? Let me know in the comments below!


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